Costa Rica is an ideal place to improve your mental and physical well-being, adopt healthy habits and activities, set your soul free and return like a new person.

Costa Rica is the ideal environment for detoxification from stress and the daily struggles. You can experience wellness as part of a lifestyle here that combines physical activity and healthy eating, while still enjoying a variety of activities for renewing your mind, body and soul.

Wellness in Costa Rica is about the activities that directly connect you with nature. These involve Trekking, Forest bathing, Earthing (barefoot walks on the earth/sand), and indulging yourself in high-quality locally grown healthy foods.

Costa Rica is well known for innovative relaxation techniques such as body wraps, in which volcanic mud, coffee, tropical fruits and chocolate are used to moisturize and plump your skin. Hydrotherapy and hot springs are used for body’s renewal by letting the positive energy flow. 

Costa Rica is one of the planet’s blue zones with great longevity areas. The calcium-rich waters in some areas of the country, healthy eating, family living and the “pura vida” lifestyle are secrets to longevity, which makes Costa Rica a unique wellness destination.


Programme goals: to reinvigorate those who are struggling from burnout, an uncertainty or intensity.

The five-night retreat offers sought-after relaxation as well as personalized instructions and learning how to ensure quality rest time. It is filled with activities which you will be able to incorporate into your daily lives after you return home. Plenty of respite and rejuvenation activities are offered as a part of this healing programme, including Pranayama with the ayurvedic practitioner, sound healing session, and aromatherapy treatments. A cranial massage is selected to utilize your Marma points, which helps to sustain the flow of energy throughout your body. The Ayurvedic facial tool, Kansa wand, is used to plump, depuff, soften fine lines gained as a part of a recent or ongoing burnout or uncertainty in your life.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 6 Days

Sustainability: At the Retreat Costa Rica the guests are invited to take part in regular cleaning days of the local forest and river to help protect the environment. 


Programme goals: To help you let go and release the emotional traumas and life stresses. To assist you in recovering from difficult times and finding a renewed sense of life, expansion and desire, which are the cornerstones to longevity and happiness. This 6 days / 5 nights experience realigns your chakras, opens your heart energies, reintroduces you to bio-available nutrition and helps to remove obstacles of negative thinking, and promotes emotional healing.  This package will help you find your way back.    

It is filled with activities which you will be able to incorporate into your daily life after you return home. Plenty of self-love activities are offered as a part of this healing programme, including Self Love Crystal Therapy Treatment or Digital Detox Crystal Therapy, a choice of gentle release treatment – Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Heart Opening Deep Tissue Massage.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 6 Days 

Sustainability: The Retreat Costa Rica and their guests support the local producers and fishermen in sourcing locally caught fish and meat to use in healthy and nutritional menus for their guests to enjoy.


Programme goals: To amplify physical strength and prepare your body for long-term fat burning and to ignite exercise routine, and gain muscles.

This programme is a jump start with quick results and yet equipping you with a long-term and sustainable personal fitness plan. You will have a personal attention from a professional fitness coach, and the focus will be on your postural changes to relieve body from aches that may have prevented exercise in the past. By the end of the programme, not only will you look and feel better, but you will also build strength and stamina for long-term results.  This program is designed to empower for continual health goals.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 8 Days

Sustainability: At the Retreat Costa Rica the energy and water savings are being regularly monitored


Programme goals: To optimize your health and prevent diseases through the practice of Ayurveda.

Authentic Ayurveda Spa is where East meets West with the twist on Panchakarma, an ancient Indian healing therapies, yogic traditions, and Pranayama.

This minimum 7- night package is highly customized in line with your personal needs, starting with a pre-arrival intake form and consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor. Each day, the Ayurveda Doctor provides a concierge-level service to you to heal and transform your body, mind, and soul. This process will help you to reshape the body, calm the mind, ignite the soul connection, and boost happiness. Depending on the diagnosis, this could help to heal cellular disease, promote longevity, and lifelong disease prevention. Please note this is a customized approach and the doctor may recommend a longer stay.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 8 Days

Sustainability: At the Retreat Costa Rica only biodegradable products are being used for laundry and housekeeping in order to minimize the negative impact made to the local environment. 


Programme goals: To reconnect you with nature and all its glorious senses through a beautiful healing experience, where you will discover new vibrations and sensations.

The programme focuses on reconnecting you with the environment including mindfulness of the things around you. It includes tasting delicious and healthy foods while also learning how to prepare healthier meals when you return home. This experience is about seeing beyond the colourful natural surroundings and spotting the wildlife. To complement this, you will be immersed in the Chromotherapy mineral bath absorbing the healing properties of colour. Sound bath treatments will ignite your cells to dance and reorganize parasympathetic nerves, promoting calm and peace.  Other experiences will include scrub, Vichy water treatment and tea tasting event.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 6 Days

Sustainability: The Retreat Costa Rica cares about the local community and therefore encourage their guests to benefit the local community by paying regular visits to local farmers’ markets, local coffee plantation, local animal rescue centre.


Programme goals: To refresh your body, reduce wrinkles, and make you feel better.

The Luxury Spa Healing and Beautifying programme is all about the pampering you deserve. By choosing healthy foods you will be able to reduce inflammation in your body. Lymphatic Drainage Massage will help expressing fluid from the lymphatic system of your body. Your experience will be filled with treatments like Transformation and Acceptance Body Treatment, Hands-off Reiki Energy and Chakra balancing Therapy, Heaven on Earth Massage, Ayurveda Restoring Facial, Royal Facial and Heart Opening Deep Tissue Massage.

This 8-day experience is about reducing inflammation, increasing oxygen and blood flow in your body. By the end of this programme, your body will feel relaxed and muscle tension soothed. The stress you experienced before starting the programme will be reduced, and you will notice the signs of aging starting to reverse.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica 

Duration: 8 Days

Sustainability: The Employment policy of the Retreat focuses on hiring locals and in that way supporting the growth of the local economy. Therefore 90% of the employees at the Retreat are from the local community.



Programme goals: To be the best version of you.

Being cared for in an environment where you don’t have to think about anything is enough to be excited about this package. It is also the best way for you to experience everything The Retreat Costa Rica has to offer, from the amazing food, the body movement classes, the crystal mountain hikes, the chef lessons, and of course the hands-on healing.  Diana Stobo, The Retreat founder, and owner is a wellness expert and author of fifteen books.  Her successful guide to being your best self lies in these principles: a delicious anti-inflammatory diet, gentle movement with just enough challenge for most fitness levels, mental and emotional support, human connection, cultural involvement, education and empowerment not to mention relaxation and lots of fun.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: Customised

Sustainability: Every guest of the Retreat Costa Rica would be contributing towards a reforestation program on the retreat’s farm.


Programme goals: To detox the blood, skin, and help with cleansing the intestines, colon, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, any parasites in the body, any candida, hypoglycaemia, help with weight loss. Cleansing can also help those with addiction, arthritis, allergies, the build-up of heavy metals, and cellulite.

The programme was developed by detox expert and retreat owner Diana Stobo. She has helped to heal many people of ailments, lose weight, recover from addictions and surgeries, as well as clear up skin issues, and get rid of cellulite. Based on the average results of thousands of clients, we recommend the Naked Challenge to “Lose 10 lbs in 10 days”. Diana suggests 10 days to fully feel the detox and be empowered with the knowledge to take home for long-lasting results.

While there is a formula for success, this detox programme is customized based and based on each person’s profile.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 10 Days

Sustainability: The Retreat advocates environmental sustainability through their recycling program, also composting facility of the property.



Programme goals: the package is recommended for women going through a hormonal change from surgery, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopausal symptoms.

Managing menopause requires shifts in lifestyle and mindset as the goddess emerges into the next phase of life.  Understanding the changes and learning how to flow and balance the new hormones through diet, exercise, lifestyle and emotional shifts – this is the main goal of this retreat.

The package includes pre-arrival video call, followed by a consultation on arrival and lifestyle planning with the doctor. Expect to receive an individually curated wellness diet most suitable for hormonal balances. Some key activities include Kegel exercise class specifically focusing on strengthening the pelvic floor; resistance and training to build bone density and increase fat metabolism; and menopause belly and chest exercise class for strengthening the core and lifting the chests. Heart-opening deep tissue massage is offered to open fascial passageways, ignite lymphatic flow and strengthen the muscles. A treatment to improve sleep, relieve stress and provide deep relaxation is recommended as well as hormone balancing acupuncture session. The beauty rituals include Maharani milk bath which aims to moisture and tighten your skin; Crystal healing body scrub or seaweed wrap to revitalise your skin; and anti-aging facial to revitalise and refresh your facial skin.

At the end of the programme expect to take a lot of new learnings of how to master individual menopausal circumstances post the retreat. Loads of relevant advice and tips will be provided at the retreat with more than 100 pages-book of anti-inflammatory recipes will be delivered to your email.

Location: The Retreat Costa Rica

Duration: 8 Days

Sustainability: The Retreat Costa Rica cares for and shares with the local business owners by implementing a responsible buying policy from local businesses, markets, and vendors.