There are plenty of opportunities to have a healthy holiday in Mexico whether you are looking to kick-start a fitness plan, enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments, relax and recharge, or simply spend some quiet time reconnecting with nature.

Mexico is quickly becoming one of the best and most accessible destinations for wellness retreats around the world. It’s a unique combination of culture, heritage and wellness, stunning locations and five-star service that Mexico does so well. With on-site spas, luxury suites, all-inclusive packages and wellness-focused activity programmes are all designed to transform and nourish a wellness traveller.


A wellness programme in a ceremonial and contemplative spaces to calm the mind and open the heart

Programme goals: The focus of this programme is to restore the body and soul through the essence of flow theme in sacred Mayan pools, which is the central point of a healing journey, granting a curative base and a tranquil setting. Across the Yucatan these pools are born from the depths of the earth where they are connected like a circulatory system, an organism which flows and has a magical beating pulse. Considered sacred by the Maya, these pools were points to the underworld, portals to the unconscious and the afterlife.

The Journey begins with a beautiful Mayan Welcome Ritual which recognizes the four points of the compass and acts as a portal into experiencing the here and now, followed by an extensive circuit of hydrotherapy which includes contrast water plunge pools, steam room with eucalyptus aromatherapy, sauna etc.

All treatments here interweave elements of traditional Mayan rituals and advanced therapeutic methods, which immediately take you into a world of ancestral mysticism and sensory indulgence. ‘The Fountains’ Flow’ is Chable’s signature ritual begins with a Welcome Ritual on the banks of the cenote, using the power of the waters as a source of rebirth. This is followed by Flotation Therapy in the Flotarium tank, providing a deep tranquilizing effect. A scrub with herb-infused salts renews the skin and exclusive lymphatic drainage massage helps to instigate the process of internal healing. To end the treatment, the therapist will offer an aromatic anointment, matching mind and inspiration.

The Flotation therapy is especially effective in releasing physical tension, even stress accumulated over months; it raises the level of endorphins and alleviates hormonal stress. The deep state of relaxation which the body can reach during Flotation Therapy is equivalent to six hours of the deepest sleep. The experience of calm, restoration and balance is unique, with lasting benefits.

Chable Janzu Water Massage will help you to release blocked energy and promote a state of total relaxation. Your soul, while contained in the water, will allow the energy to flow harmoniously.

Other body rituals like Nirvana Stress Relief Massage, Flow of the Tide Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Rain Goddess Flow and few beauty rituals will be offered as part of this wellness programme to make you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, renewed, revitalised and beautiful inside out.

Location: Chable Yacutan

Duration: Customised

Sustainability: In 2021 Chable Yacutan installed solar panels which generate 60% of the energy used at the Chable Yacutan, which is equal to 812 tons of CO2 not emitted which is equivalent to planting 4,318 trees.


A wellness programme in a ceremonial and contemplative space to find inner balance, where harmony, introspection and stability reign.

Programme goals: The focus of this programme is transformation, stability and manifestation through the essence of balance theme with the help of ‘ceiba’ – a mythical tree. The Ceiba exists in three different realms: the branches represent the heavens where the gods dwell and a higher conscious can be found, the roots represent the underworld the subconscious, while the tree trunk represents human life, the place of transformation and change. In Chablé, the majestic Ceibas in their garden align everyone on a Tree of Life Journey with this myth and remind us of their duality.

The Journey begins with Signature Life Balance Ritual which channels the Maya understanding of the universe through therapies which integrate the entire being. This ritual is focused on relaxing the nervous system and purifying the body to make room for the internal peace necessary to live a balanced life.

Mayan Ritual, another part of this programme, balances the energies of the four corners of the earth and orients you in time and space. Afterwards, an exfoliation with nutrient-rich Herbal Salts and a volcanic clay wrap aid deep cleansing and liberation. The Chablé Precious Stones massage helps release stagnant energy and promote stability connected to the earth, while anointing the crown of the head with aromatherapy oils gently awakens the mind. The ritual concludes with a special Chablé closing, intended to honour the continuity of the circle of life.

The Balance Healing ritual is an intensive treatment which was created for tension relief, to relax sore muscles and has the ability to absorb emotions, remove blocked energy and connect with the healing properties of the Earth. A balancing full body ritual that embodies in us the image of the Tree of Life by combining a deeply leaning Mayan Compress massage with Sound and Stone Healing and a nourishing anointment of the head and scalp.

Other body rituals like Chaya with Aloe Vera Body Polish, Thai Massage, Mayan Herbal Compress Massage, Forest Detox Massage, Chable Precious Stone Massage and few beauty rituals will be offered as part of this wellness programme to make you feel relaxed, less stiff, detoxified, chakras alligned, revitalised and beautiful inside and out.

Location: Chable Yacutan

Duration: Customised

Sustainability: At Chable it is one of the top priorities to empower local communities and provide decent jobs regarding standards and rights at work, social protection and social dialogue for collaborators who make 40% of local collaborators.



A wellness programme to help you explore relation to the cosmos through sacred learning and physical improvement

Programme goals: The focus of this programme is the interconnectivity of life, the simplicity which resides in all things and the pleasure in healthy living through the essence of inspire theme. Mayan cosmology considers that the universe is formed of interconnecting aspects which represent and reflect human development and the evolution process. Mystery and wonder inspired by the heavens are alive in Chablé, with ceremonial sites which can be found throughout the Spa. The celestial dance is reflected in the rituals such as the Temazcal and the Welcome Ceremony, a space for introspection to interpret life cycles and to honor patterns and influences. This is a nurturing environment perfect to explore your relation to the cosmos through conscious and full attention.

The Journey begins with Song of Heaven which incorporates a variety of specialized vibratory therapies with tones, percussion and chants to provoke energy changes, and a therapeutic Mayan Rebirth massage to create subtle yet significant changes in the body. The treatment ends with an aromatherapy anointment and the Chablé Closing Ritual, which honours the circle of life to affirm and liberate.

Other body rituals like the Ixchel New Life Massage, Flower Blossom Massage, Bleu Eucalyptus Aromatic Massage, Hierbabuena Foot Massage, Chable Acoustic Energy and Cleaning with Stones and few beauty rituals will be offered as part of this wellness programme to help you cleanse the energetic, physical and emotional blockages and negativity, enhance circulation, feel restored, rebalanced and soothed inside and out.

Location: Chable Yacutan

Duration: Customised

Sustainability: A very important Chable pillar is to preserve and promote ancient culture and traditions. At Chable Yacutan you can enjoy traditional wellness ceremonies and Temazcal – ‘steam house’ used for oldest form of medicine for physical, mental and spiritual experiences. ‘Jarana Yucateca’ is a traditional Mayan dance which guests can try at Chable Yacutan as well as indulge themselves into an old Mayan cuisine.