Switzerland is traditionally known as the home of luxury in consumer goods, private banking, luxurious hospitality or the pioneering pharmaceutical, medical and wellness industries.

The country is well known for an exceptional natural beauty, which makes it an attractive destination for anyone seeking for a wellness getaway.

Medical spas in Switzerland incorporate a thorough wellness and medical check-up programme with luxuriously self-indulgent pampering and spa treatments, which will help to release daily stress, develop healthy habits and leave anyone revitalised and energised.

The Wellness & Spa Hotels in Switzerland offer much more than just relaxation. With a wide range of activity programmes, beauty and anti-aging treatments with Swiss luxury brands, mind and body exercises to slow the pace of life, healing water, pools with a view and the finest health foods, you’ll find your way to rediscovering yourself in Switzerland.


An unparalleled approach to longevity

Programme goals: Designed to target cell regeneration and immune defences, it enhances them with a super-targeted medical approach to deeply regenerate the body’s 7 key systems and functions: brain, heart, circadian rhythm, skin, metabolism, immunity, and microbiota.

This programme is about stimulating the immune system, activating cell regeneration & slowing down the signs of aging. By the end of the programme physical and mental abilities will be stimulated, quality of sleep improved and stress starting to reduce. The resilience against chronic diseases and inflammatory reactions will be increased.

Advanced longevity medical technologies, diagnosis, consultations and personalized treatments used during this programme will include longevity consultations, medical assessments and week-long follow-up by your leading physician. You will have an advanced medical check-up: laboratory analyses, an abdominal ultrasound, a CT Scan with calcium score, a dental panoramic, MRI precerebral and cerebral. Also included in the programme is one cardiovascular assessment: a stress test, an electrocardiogram, a cardiovascular risk score and a consultation with the cardiologist, one sleep quality test and consultation with the pulmonologist. Better Aging DNA test and report, has been exclusively created for this programme by GenePredictis Labs. Other inclusions in this progrmme vary from epigenetic test and assessment, DNA microbiota assessment, one calorimetry, a dental check-up to body composition test, vitamin/essential therapy injection based on lab results, 3 sessions of revitalizing antioxidant injections and one anti-aging skin & aesthetic consultation.

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: 7 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp


The most advanced detoxification program

Programme goals: Designed to eliminate toxins and cleanse your system, boost the immune system, slow down the negative effects of age, reduce the level of heavy metals in your body and oxidative stress, and promote physiological balance.

This life-changing cure harnesses the power of genetics, cellular and nutritional science, combined with the latest medicinal technologies in a program tailored to your exact DNA and health profile. Experience the profound wellbeing that comes with a thoroughly cleansed and purified system, a rested body, and perfect mental balance.

Introducing its latest advanced researches on the interaction between genes and nutrients, Clinique La Prairie brings its detox program to the ultimate level of personalization.

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: 7 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp


A highly effective approach to weight management

Programme goals: Designed to help you make positive lifestyle changes by achieving a healthy weight and develop a long-term healthy routine. This programme will help boost your physical and mental well-being and target inflammation and oxidative stress. It will improve your sleep quality and reduce stress levels by also rebalancing your intestinal flora and microbiome.

This Healthy Weight Programme offers an innovative and exclusive approach that represents the culmination of the latest scientific research in the management of overweight.

Put weight concerns in your past, for good, and let the experts transform your approach to eating and lifestyle!

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: 7 or 14 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp


Regain youthful looks and inner radiance with the latest non-invasive technologies

Programme goals: Designed to enhance your looks without cosmetic surgery and gain a more youthful appearance. You will return home sculpted, toned, uplifted, and radiant.

Treat yourself to a top to toe transformation at this beauty-focused rejuvenation retreat.

Your personalized programme of non-invasive technologies at the brand-new aesthetic medicine centre in the Swiss Alps will leave you looking radiant, toned, sculpted, and more youthful – with effects lasting up to two years.

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: 5 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp


Innovative technique of aesthetic and regenerative medicine for the face

Programme goals: Designed to mitigate the negative effects of age and boost rejuvenation of the skin. You will feel instant sparkle and natural self-regeneration of the treated area as collagen production is stimulated and skin elasticity is reduced.

Integrated into a complete and top-of-the-range programme developed by Clinique La Prairie, this process preserves the youthfulness of your skin, thanks to the extraordinary power of your own cells.

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: 2 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp


Mind and body in perfect harmony

Programme goals: Recover general well-being through a great experience of learning and disconnection in an ideal environment. Give continuity to the learning process once back home, thanks to the knowledge and habits of life acquired in SHA.

This programme is recommended for people who are not pursuing any specific health goal but are concerned about improving their lifestyle and wellbeing. It is also suitable for people who want to disconnect and relax while learning new life healthy habits.

Through the supervision and advice of the team of professionals, your new healthy habits will be formed by choosing the personalised food and health plans, natural therapies and technological treatments will be applied, and lifestyle recommendations will be made, complimented with activities and learning about how to sustain your new healthy lifestyle.

4-day programme is a minimum stay to discover new ways to take care for yourself.

7-day programme is about reconnection and taking the first steps to achieve an essential state of well-being, reconnecting body and mind.

14-day programme is about realignment and deepening the balance between body and mind to live a greater and more complete experience of well-being.

NB The Rebalance Programme can be contracted individually or complemented with one of the following programmes, in order to focus the desired results according to the specific health objective of the person:

  • Fitness
  • Sleep recovery
  • Immune system
  • Anti-tobacco
  • Stress management

Location: SHA Wellness Clinic

Duration: 4, 7 and 14 Days

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp

Sustainability: SHA Wellness clinic has been working hard to successfully increase a number of local suppliers of provincial and Valencian Community, with the aim to support the local economy and contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint.


A wellness breakthrough with epigenetics

Programme goals: Designed to identify which modifiable habit is specifically impacting an individual which could help trigger the best lifestyle change for a better life.

Thanks to cutting-edge research, the breakthrough epigenetic tests performed by the Swiss laboratories offer a unique new reading of DNA: an epigenetic health assessment that measures the reversible impacts of lifestyle on genes.

With these next-generation insights, the medical specialists will help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle by guiding you through bespoke plans to reverse detrimental effects and enhance beneficial ones, for a profound impact on your health and wellbeing.

Location: Clinique la Prairie

Duration: Customized

Price: Sharing from £XXXXpp Singles from £XXXXpp