A medical spa is a lot more than just a standard spa. Medical spa is where you would receive the best advice from skilled medical and health professionals and who would perform procedures and health assessments for you. Not only you will be escaping from everyday life and rejuvenating your body in a relaxing spa environment, but you would also receive variety of medical assessments and fitness tests to be able to track your health progress. By being able to track your health progress while staying at our medical spas, you will prevent or counteract ongoing chronic illnesses and ensure your health stays on track long after your stay at the medical spa is over.

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With our hectic lives we use a lot of energy mixed with unhealthy nutrition, which results in poor digestion and prevailing issues. Our digestive health programmes are designed to restore your digestive system and bring your energy back.

Our nutritionists and a team of health professionals will analyse your dietary needs and will help you improve your digestive health long-term. With the personalised healthy cuisine, prepared by the gourmet chefs, you will be able to choose from some very delicious and nutritious foods. A health-conscious diet will provide you with new energy and mental freshness.

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Our health programmes focus on specific health issues and offer both holistic and integrative solutions to them,

 such as the Natural Renewal programme for those suffering from chronic health conditions or struggling to feel at their best.

For those who are in remission or have recovered from cancer, we recommend Cell Vitality programme in Thailand.

Other health programmes include Recovery Programme, Cranial Relief and others.

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According to Classical Chinese Medicine, insomnia is the manifestation of an imbalance of energy due to various causes of physical nature (such as hormonal changes, digestive disorders or physical hyperactivity) and of mental nature (such as stress and intellectual hyperactivity). 

Our sleep programmes take customised holistic approach to improve your sleep quality through lifestyle modifications, dietary corrections, Ayurveda therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, while removing associated complications arising due to disturbed sleep.

The healing therapies and guidance from physicians, yogis and healers will help calm your nervous system, restore the metabolic and emotional balance for high energy levels, enhance your focus and concentration, and you will feel renewed.

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Our diagnostic centres have extensive laboratory testing facilities and the latest diagnostic equipment, which will examine your body’s major functional processes and will identify any potential risks.

Our in-depth medical check-ups will enable to ascertain your current physical condition and any possible future health risks. The examination would provide you with a thorough and objective snapshot of the state of your health, and would enable the physician to address your concerns. Ultimately, you would be guided by the physician which treatment and measures to most benefit you.

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Chronic pain is a persistent type of pain that lasts for more than three months. It can occur anywhere in your body and may interfere with daily activities, such as work, social life, and self-care. The experience of chronic pain can be complex and multifaceted, affecting both physical and emotional well-being. Any chronic pain lasting longer than 12 weeks may be contributed by various factors and can manifest uncomfortable symptoms. It is therefore important that the symptoms and the impact on one’s quality of life is reviewed by medical and integrative health professionals who can best recommend the most suitable treatment and self-management skills post Chronic Pain programme.

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Longevity is a journey that starts here.

With out longevity programmes unfold your potential, slow time, capture energy, and preserve youth. Our longevity programmes take holistic approach to your health combined with the evidence-based medicine, unique wellbeing, nutrition and movement plans, taking place in the highly stimulating environment.

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Thanks to strategies adapted to the physical and psychological conditions of the patient, rigorous medical follow-up and the application of medical treatments and natural therapies focused on addictions, our addiction programmes seek to help to stop dependence in a natural, healthy and controlled way. The goal is to recover the proper functioning of your body and avoid side effects of withdrawal and prevent relapse.

Staff also teach healthy habits that will strengthen your commitment to quitting permanently, and strengthen your motivation for a wider health recovery.

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The Tension Release retreat is for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Escape tension-causing practices and release the mind and body. Through Naturopathic Consultation, you will learn how to control salt intake and maintain a healthy weight. You will also discover how dietary supplements can help support your cardiovascular health. During the retreat, personalised fitness activities will boost your energy and reduce weakness and fatigue, providing you with a complete path towards tension release. Acupuncture, Meditation, Pilates and massage therapies are teamed with Super Stretch and a Cooking Class to provide a truly holistic experience.

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Our  Fertility Enhancement program is a highly customised path of Ayurvedic wisdom, Yoga, Oriental Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology to provide vital guidance for holistic and natural procreation. Based on Ayurveda that deals with fertility, this program emphasises on cleansing the body of toxins, refining the metabolic function and stabilising hormonal fluctuation for improved performance of the reproductive seed.

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Unlock your brain’s full potential.

In today’s fast-paced world, where demands on our cognitive abilities are higher than ever, performance and longevity depend on good brain health. The brain potential programme focuses on optimizing brain functions, enhancing cognitive health, stress-management, and promoting overall mental wellbeing.

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Treat yourself to a top to toe transformation at the beauty-focused rejuvenation retreat. Your personalized aesthetics programme of non-invasive technologies at the aesthetic medicine center leaves you looking radiant, toned, sculpted, and more youthful for a long time.

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