If you are not pursuing any specific health goal but would like to learn as how to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing, our rebalancing based programmes are a great way to disconnect and relax while learning new healthy habits.

You will be able to recover your general well-being through a great experience of learning and disconnecting in the best environment.

You will be able to take all the knowledge you gain during rebalancing programmes back home and carry on with the habits of life acquired in the best locations globally.


With our hectic lives we use a lot of energy mixed with unhealthy nutrition, which results in a loss of power. Our health programmes are designed to bring your energy and power back. One of the most important elements in each of our health programme is pleasure. And this is why our health programme makes your journey towards positive results very enjoyable.

Our nutritionists will analyse your dietary needs and will help you improve your long-term wellbeing with expert advice on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. With the personalised healthy cuisine, prepared by the gourmet chefs, you will be able to choose from some very delicious and nutritious foods. A health-conscious diet will provide you with new energy and mental freshness.

You will be able to choose from a well-balanced and extremely tasty menu plan from your favourite dishes, and from either the extra healthy or options low in calories.


Do you want to lose a few kilos and improve your wellbeing or physical appearance? Or perhaps your body weight is lower than recommended and you would like to gain a few kilos to improve your appearance and general state of health? Our weight management programmes would focus on achieving your optimal weight.
Our experts will analyse your body composition, and will establish your health and nutritional status, by planning a personal strategy for a healthier lifestyle with you.
You will be provided with a personalised food and health plan and personalised individual training topped up with some natural therapies and high-tech treatment sessions, lifestyle recommendations and activities promoting new healthy habits.

Post-COVID Health Programmes

Our post COVID programmes would help you to address and reduce the long-term effects and symptoms of COVID-19 through an integrative and comprehensive approach. Our experts will help you to prevent those long-term effects with greater consequences due to the limited functioning of your body.

It is suitable for individuals who have already had COVID, but continue to experience long-term effects since recovery, such as immune deficiencies, cognitive impairment, breathing issues, heart disorders, digestive issues, urological issues, skin and hair issues, thrombosis and others.

Diagnostic and Medical Services

Our diagnostic centres have extensive laboratory testing facilities and the latest diagnostic equipment, which will examine your body’s major functional processes and will identify any potential risks.

An in-depth initial examination enables to ascertain your physical condition and any possible risk factors. The examination would provide you with a thorough and objective snapshot of the state of your health, and would enable the physician to address your concerns. Ultimately, you would be guided by the physician which treatment and measures would most benefit you.


Our detox programmes are designed to improve self-healing.

They involve detoxifying and cleansing which improve your gut function and prevents you from the medical treatment. As a part of the programme the production of toxins in the gut is slowed down and your entire body feels relieved. The detox process would be supplemented by the latest scientific findings and complementary healing methods. You would leave the programme feeling healthy, slim and beautiful.