Our exclusive corporate and group wellbeing packages are available at a number of venues across the UK, Europe and internationally.
Our corporate and group wellness programmes will give your employees the break they need to relax and reenergise. These incorporate fitness, relaxation, and mindfulness workshops will allow your team to completely switch off and recharge, enabling them to return back to work feeling restored, renewed,
and ready to take on the next big project.

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Our executive coaching programmes are designed specifically for executives and include detailed lifestyle evaluations, nutritional and fitness coaching. All programmes are delivered to ensure that your executive team can perform at their highest potential and achieve their peak performance when it is crucial for your business. Our programmes range from weekends away to seven days or longer to achieve maximum results and sustain long-term performance in your company’s future.


Our range of group retreats focus on tackling variety of issues such as improving individual rest and relaxation techniques, assisting a person to find emotional balance and freedom, improve someone’s fitness levels or a yoga flow. Our group retreats are designed to meet like-minded people, share your life experiences in a safe environment, raise team spirits, and promote group and individual relaxation.  Once you complete our group retreat, you will return reinvigorated, motivated and ready to get stuck into your busy routine again but with a completely fresh approach, renewed energy and a healthier outlook.

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When working in a fast-paced environment it can be hard for individuals and the entire team to keep healthy eating habits. Poor health choices can lead to lack of sleep and concentration, resulting in a reduced performance and increased stress levels. Our mobile wellness services bring relaxation and rejuvenation right to your doorstep. No more stress of finding time for self-care or searching for a wellness centre. Whether you’re at home, in the office or away, our expert therapists are here to help you unwind and maintain your wellbeing regime.

Our wellbeing workshops will educate your employees on how to make healthier eating choices that can easily align with their busy on-the-go lifestyles.

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Our signature corporate and group wellbeing packages are available at a number of venues globally. They have been designed to tackle specific group or personal wellbeing objectives.

For example, our signature Immersive Experience in Iceland will help you and the whole group to become more mindful and aware of the surrounding environment, and it will equip all attendees with the techniques to take home for the ongoing wellness journey.


Our signature Wellness Safari in Tanzania is a truly magical experience for a group employees, executives or business people, or anyone looking to pause and reconnect with inner self and the magical environment around them.


Our signature Inner and Outer Beauty Retreat in the Balearic Islands will raise anyone’s awareness of their body image and how to make it more effective in all life situations. All participants will be equipped with hacks and strategies for looking their best even when life seems extremely challenging and affecting overall physical and mental health.


Our truly magical Wellness Sailing Experience will enable individuals and groups to embark on a transformational wellness journey on a luxury yacht to nourish themselves and treat every aspect of their physical, mental, and emotional health.


We do believe that each of us is different and therefore our individual wellbeing needs are very unique. If your wellbeing focus is greater than what has been listed on our website, and if your wellness goals are very individual, we would love to hear from you so we can assist you with your tailor-made and personalised wellness experience.

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