This immersive wellness experience in Iceland is designed to immerse our customers in abundant and breathtaking landscapes through activities like cave meditation, silent hiking, daily yoga practice, waterfall shower, Wim Hof breathwork, and plunge into nature baths of thermal waters.

Experience the power of the place during meditative walks that will highlight your awareness of the natural surroundings.

Raise your awareness of breath while plunging yourself into the thermal therapy with a hot-to-cold transition and increased focus on your breathwork.

One of the unique experiences in Iceland is the intense healing through a guided practice of Viking Sauna Ritual, which will expose you again to cold and hot water immersion.

Ground your sense of mindfulness of dark Icelandic winter nights through star gazing meditation practice and potentially spotting the famous Northern Lights.

Taste Iceland through the award-winning cuisine known for cultivating year-round greenhouse vegetables and seasonal foraging.

By the end of this immersive Iceland experience, you will become more mindful and aware of your surrounding environment, including the techniques you can take home to continue your wellness journey after the retreat.


Our African safari retreats create a truly magical experience where you will reconnect with your inner self and the magical environment around you.

Suppose you have reached a stage where you are ready to rediscover yourself in an awakening environment surrounded by wildlife and topped up with a luxurious Safari adventure. In that case, this wellness safari is for you.

Spend a week amongst wildlife and nature, and feel your soul exhale. Take a step back, self-reflect, and feel rejuvenated in the middle of nowhere – just you, African Savannah, and the wildlife around you. Disconnect from this chaotic, busy world and reconnect with your inner self like never before.

This retreat suits all ages, shapes, sizes, genders, and interests. During your journey, we will focus on the mindset, motivation, food, and movement and how to find balance by reconnecting with the natural world through an immersive environment.

By the end of your wellness safari, you and your mindset will feel more balanced. We will equip you with tools to balance everything in your life as we advance and coach you in the challenging situations life throws at you.


Who said that families could not enjoy a wellness retreat together?

Our signature wellness retreat for families in Thailand is certainly the type of holiday for families willing to invest in their well-being through immersive wellness practices and activities in Thailand’s beautiful country and wellness destination.

Your busy city routine will be changed with daily sunrise family-friendly yoga on a beach. Your evening TV sessions will be replaced with Sunset Yoga Practice, a family-friendly evening yoga session to release tension from the morning practice and activities.

Get ready for a complete detox family wellness retreat for the mind and spirit.

Your packed school lunch will be swapped with a more healthy and nutritional option. You will learn how to improve your digestion, health, and relationship with food through mindful eating as a family.

You will hear about detoxing benefits of a juice diet and learn some simple tips on preparing fresh juices at home. You will get a targeted health and wellness lecture with topics ranging from “What are the primary foods” to “Sugar Blues,” “Enhanced nutrition,” etc. We will equip you with tips on preparing healthy and nutritious food at home.

Your weekly gym sessions and afterschool clubs will be traded in for more pleasurable activities like weekly beach cleaning, hiking to hidden waterfalls, relaxing at the natural fish spa, cave exploring, Thai cooking class, and the trip’s highlight – pink dolphin watching. (Thailand is the home of a very rare pink albino dolphin species).


Are you looking for a weekend away where you will be able to meet like-minded people looking to improve their appearance and, ultimately, overall well-being? Why not try our signature beauty awareness weekend away in Ibiza, where you will stay in a luxury villa and get all advice on your physical appearance?

Our stylists will ensure you get tips on how to dress according to your shape. You will receive a personal one-to-one color analysis consultation.

You will also get insight into the latest trends and learn how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, understand why positive body image is important for mental well-being, and translate this into a fun and informative way to dress for your current lifestyle.

By the end of this splendor time, you will learn the importance of wardrobe maintenance and how to hang and fold clothes correctly to give your precious things longer life. You will get individual lingerie fit. We will discuss how correctly fitted underwear can make outfits look better and how underwear can make you look better, taller, and slimmer. You will learn how to create the ‘Perfect Capsule Wardrobe.’

Our beauty therapists will advise about makeup and beauty products they can use between treatments and what treatments are out there. They will advise you about your at-home beauty options for care between treatments. They will make you feel more attractive and confident, which is important for mental well-being.

This mini beauty awareness retreat includes optional healthy eating and nutrition workshops, yoga, spa treatments, massages, and more.

By the end of this retreat, you will become much more aware of your image and how to make it more effective in all life situations. You will be equipped with hacks and strategies for looking your most fabulous even when life seems extremely challenging, affecting your overall physical and mental health.


Embark on a transformational wellness journey on a luxury yacht to nourish yourself and treat every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional health, as we all know the immense health benefits of sailing and being around the sea.

While each program can be tailor-made to suit each customer’s goals and needs, there are five regular Signature immersive programs to choose from.

Our Mini Wellness Weekend program offers two nights of re-set, rejuvenation, and finding clarity.

Spend two nights on a private yacht and immerse yourself in a short, pampering wellness escape to revive your mind, body, and soul.

Our 3 – 5-night Restorative Yacht Wellness Programme is designed for people needing the time and place to step back from their lives, renew their energy, and replenish their spirit.

While surrounded by waters, you will recover with holistic spa therapies, from massage treatments to body wraps, before reconnecting with your inner self during a private meditation or breathing session. Continue to release tension and calm your mind with a private cultural on-shore excursion option.

While surrounded by waters, you will learn how to manage stressful situations better once you return home and fully embrace change through personal transformation.

Our Glow on the Go program on yachts is designed for people needing general TLC and to improve their beauty rituals, so they glow on the go!