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Wellness Safari in Tanzania

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As children, we used to spend more time outside and play in the grass, run around and soak up the sunshine. We had extreme joy as a result, and even though we might not have been aware of it, we did have a special connection with the nature.

Naturally as adults we tend to get occupied with work, family, parenthood and other responsibilities of adult life which become increasingly hectic.

Most of modern life is spent in front of laptops, sitting for long periods of time, or scrolling our phones in search of something new or simply following lives of others.

The internal environment of our bodies—our thoughts, beliefs, and energies are all very sensitive to the environment that we live in. In the long run, our habits greatly impact our mental and physical health. Mounting research suggests that having a connection to nature every now and again, may only have a positive effect on us and our health.

One of the best ways to reconnect with your environment and inner self is through connection with nature. Even more effective way is to travel to a relaxing place away from and very different to your daily life and routine. It is well known that in general traveling is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Research indicates that experiencing a new location each time proves to be even more beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

Wellness Safari in Tanzania

Here are some scientifically proven benefits we can reap by taking a wellness adventure in locations that preserve the true essence of nature and wildlife.

  1. Stress Release

We may become distracted from what we find to be truly meaningful and engaging by the pressures of work and everyday life commitments. So, taking a wellness break from the everyday life is necessary for your mind to unwind, replenish, and regenerate.

Traveling to nature exposed locations help to release an excitement we generally lack on a daily basis. It aids in distracting the mind from difficult and stressful situations. As a result, lower cortisol levels are achieved, making you feel more at ease and content. Numerous studies have proven that spending time in nature can significantly reduce stress.

We can lower our blood pressure and lessen the release of stress hormones thanks to the calming effects of nature.

  1. Self-reinvention

You can assess and reinvent your life with experiential travel, especially to a foreign location where you have never been before. This helps you to enrich your perspectives and become more aware and responsive to new experiences.

  1. Increased Happiness

Traveling to nature exposed locations allows you to escape from the daily grind. Your brain is rewired as a result of the new experiences and events, which lifts your mood and confidence.

Being more in tune with nature also lessens anxiety, boosts self-esteem, and reduce a feeling of loneliness.

  1. Emotional Resilience

You can become more resilient psychologically and emotionally by traveling to beautiful landscapes where you simultaneously feel excited and inhale the fresh air.

The natural environment is perfect for mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness.

Emotional Resilience

The Final Reflection

Once we recognize that nature is an integral aspect of our wellbeing, not merely something outside the window, it’s easier to plug in and absorb its positive energies.

So, step outside to reconnect with the environment more deeply and inhale all the various elements of nature that can increase your sense of empowerment.

To experience the above and more benefits to your wellbeing, a wellness adventure trip can work wonders. It is a meditation where reconnecting with your inner self in solitude without any distractions and far from the noise of the urban life gives you the right balance between mind, soul, and body—calming down every agitated and stressed-out factor inside you.

And if this is how you have been thinking for a long time or are in a phase where you need a break, it’s the perfect time to make yourself a part of a wellness trip like a Wellness Safari in TanzaniaCLICK HERE for more details on this unique tailor-made wellness experience.

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